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Complete Residential Pest Control Services in Winnipeg since 1984

If you are looking for residential pest control services in Winnipeg, we are the right choice for you. You can rely on us to offer quick, safe and effective pest control solutions. Whether you need insect or rodent removal services, our team is here for you. Our services will help you protect your family and residential property from pest infestations. 

In business for 37 years, Low-Cost Exterminators Ltd. in Winnipeg has the skill and experience to handle pest infestations and problems of all kinds. In fact, we have designed effective removal and eradication techniques specific to the type of pest you have. We know what type of approach works for your particular pest problem. Please call for details.

Our Services

Residents of Winnipeg have relied on us for the past three decades to deliver the following services:

Complete residential pest control
Pest identification
Exclusion services to prevent rodents, birds, etc., from re-entering your property
Free estimates
Written guarantees available

We control and eliminate the following:

Bed bugs
Mice and rats
Bees and wasps
Sow bugs

Learn more on our Pest Identification page.

Identify Your Pest

Check out our pest information.

Have a Question?

Our Winnipeg experts have answers.

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